August 30 2014

styledotcom The @V_and_A's hotly attended David Bowie retrospective is coming stateside this fall:

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going mobile


I found this amazing mobile for the nursery in Copenhagen by a most unusually named company: Our Children’s Gorilla. Intrigued, I searched out co-designer Jennie Pitts in Stockholm, only to find out that OCG designed the interior of the just-opened Kico Kids (whose creative director is Ports 1961′s Tia Cibani) pop-up store in Chelsea Market. As for the name, Pitts says: “We’re a couple of friends with children who are often at the office, so there are always lots of toys there, one of which was an old plush gorilla, which the kids love so much that we literally wanted to be their gorilla!” Pitts and co.’s primary interest is in ecological materials, and OCG’s products, she says, express the feelings evoked by the quality wood, cardboards, ceramics, and plastics they use. As for the mobile, I thought I had bought a pair of pirates, but according to OCG, they’re two “Ladies,” one of whom, Pitt tells me, carries an It bag (it’s stamped with the company’s logo). Ladies, Pirates…it’s still a treasure in my eyes. For more information, see,, and

Photo: Courtesy of Our Children’s Gorilla