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gryphon fakes it


PETA’s long, paint-spattered war against the fashion industry hasn’t had much success in dampening the demand for pretty pelts, but that’s not necessarily because the stylish lack hearts—it could more be blamed on a lack of alternatives to naturally warm and soft furs that don’t involve giant, puffy quilting or flammable-feeling fakes. But come September, Gryphon designer Aimee Cho might just change that leopard’s spots with her “responsible fur” initiative, which includes styles trimmed in recycled and reclaimed fur (hand-selected from vintage pieces and flea-market finds). Other coats, like our favorite trench, above, make use of a wonderfully luxurious faux fur, sourced from special mills, that looks and feels like a completely different species from the polyester nightmares of fakes-gone-by. For more information, see

Photo: Kevin Sturman



  1. polkat says:

    i hope designers will use faux…
    it’s painfull to see a women in a fur when you saw how they made it

  2. hauteofthisworld says:

    PETA can sometimes be unreasonable. I mean, what if you live in Siberia, it’s obvious that only genuine fur can keep you warm, and genuine furs are the only things easily accessible to you.

    I am not advocating the use of real fur, but the use of real fur (because I live in the tropics) especially for fashion’s sake, but if it’s for survival’s sake, I would definitely use real fur.

    These people from PETA don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t live in Siberia or the north pole for that matter.

  3. Valerio says:

    Good idea and initiative of Aimee Cho to re-use old fur coats and recycle them to new. In the town where I live there’s already an tailor who made old fur coats as brand new. About PETA I will spend none word as I see them as a bunch of unreasenable radicals or fanatics.