August 29 2014

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hayden-Harnett breaches the shoe frontier



Do enough designer interviews, and the answer to “What was the inspiration for the collection?” can get a little predictable. So hearing Hayden-Harnett’s Toni Hacker rhapsodize about “Xanadu,” not only one of her all-time favorite films but also the springboard for the label’s new shoe line, set to launch for Spring ’09 (though the boots will be available beginning in November), is contagiously cheering. “I loved that movie growing up! I must have seen it about 20 times—no, more!” If you don’t like the film quite as much as Hacker does, fear not—the shoes she’s created are not literal interpretations of Olivia Newton-John’s roller-skating muse style, but a hymn to the bright poppiness of the eighties. There are color-blocked wedges, silvery flats, and boots that you can cuff or pull up over the knee, all in H-H’s signature crafty-but-cool look. “We were being asked all the time when we were going to do shoes,” Hacker says. “And because we do so many bags, as a shopper my focus had completely switched to shoes. It was like my head was on a swivel.” The rubbernecking has paid off.

Photo: Courtesy of Hayden-Harnett

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