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One More Reason To Buy An IPhone

-------’s new application, which allows users to watch runway shows on their iPhones, is now available for download on iTunes. We think this will revolutionize the way front-row types while away the minutes—hours?—waiting for the Marc Jacobs show to start, but don’t take our word for it. Watch this preview.



  1. mangojuuce says:

    now, i need an iphone.

  2. wawest24 says:

    this is beautiful!

  3. ajbay12 says:

    This app is badass. I downloaded it to my 3G before I even finished the sample video. I now have something to do when I’m bored at work!!


  4. AngieV says:

    Totally going to get this! Love it.

  5. fashionlover1 says:

    Also works on the iPod Touch. Awesome!


  6. kamp1 says:

    I wish there was a way to email the images to friends from the app!!!!! Suggestion to!!!

  7. autumnjanene says:

    How do I save images from this app? And it would also be great to add images from the app to our lookbook!

  8. markrob says:

    nice. but what about menswear?

  9. Jonnn says:

    Love the app!! Thanx!!

    Yeah maybe being able to save images to phone or set as a background would b great.

  10. amarverma says:

    recently I have been lost my cell Phone. It was stolen from my home. i have no money to buy new cell phone, i prey to God “i win the Apple iPhone”.

    iPhone is so sexy and style phone. Apple iPhone is the best technology for mobile phone. There is one “app” that I would like to see on the iPhone… it’s called Flash. Apple’s best computer yet

  11. fashionxstorm says:

    i downloaded it already, and it’s pretty cool , but please update it with the menswear collections too, please ^^

  12. klshouey says:

    i’m not a big app downloader, but when i saw this, i knew it was a must have! waiting in lines or sitting at stoplights is a lot more fun when i can quickly browse the latest runway images and the images look so crystal clear on the screen…bravo!

  13. henriqueteixeira says:

    i had a dream…
    mode, music and mobile
    i live a dream
    in present with i phone

  14. paulinarobson says:

    this is awesome!! i can’t wait to download it to my iPhone…..but i’m new at iPhone apps, and i just couldn’t synchronize it….i’m gonna ask in some forums how to do this.

  15. rachiestylescoop says:

    That settles it. I’m buying an iphone.

  16. kjig667 says:

    oh man, this makes me want to buy an iphone. but I just bought a new blackberry….

  17. Spinderella says:

    I wish they did this for sidekicks. I love the iPhone but I can’t bare to be without my sidekick!

  18. SophieYuni says:

    It would be very helpful to have a “Save Image” for camera roll on this application as the iPhone screen captyre makes an obnoxiously loud camera sound. Also, a profile of all the party guests pictured would be extremely convenient. Like the sections Menswear, Parties, and All Shows, perhaps a secrtion of “Style Profiles” would help viewers enjoy the app even more. Otherwise, great app! Keep up the good work, hard work much appreciated!