August 27 2014

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Shopping, the Game Show!


Attention shoppers, conspicuous consumption is about to get a little zanier. Have you ever picked up a designer bag, balked at the price tag, and thought, “Alas, if only a game show host would pop up right now and grill me on a mélange of current events and pop culture-related topics, which, if answered correctly, would win me this otherwise out-of-my-price-range-but-totally-necessary snakeskin clutch”? Well, kiddos, sometimes dreams really do come true. From the furtive minds at WE TV comes “She Got Game,” an original Web series that could be coming to a store near you. The premise is simple: James Aguiar, of “Full Frontal Fashion” renown, trolls the retail racks for unsuspecting shoppers to quiz and, if all goes well, award with the very item they were browsing for. It’s a much needed dose of vicarious consumer wish fulfillment in these times of economic woe. New 15-minute episodes air every Monday and Thursday from now until October 6.



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