August 22 2014

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Tennis, Anyone?


With so many of us gearing up for fashion week in early September, it’s easy to forget that New York is host to another megawatt event: The U.S. Open. On Thursday night Men’s Vogue‘s Jay Fielden and Marc Berger reminded their besuited buddies of the incoming tennis troops with a party in honor of ninth-seeded righthander James Blake. Nursing one of many glasses of water, the pro admitted that he’s no longer nervous approaching matches, but fashion parties still give him the jitters. “Walking into a match is second nature now, but these types of parties aren’t. Not yet, anyway,” he said, adding, as he tugged on the lapel of his Hugo Boss suit, “but if I think I look nice they’re not too bad.” Childhood pal John Mayer (who knew?) helped Berger navigate the crowd, but confused the photographers when he tried to play both sides of the paparazzi court. (“Enough!” he screamed at one point, then whined, “I don’t want to be mean.”) Fielden, on the other hand, remained a gentleman—that is, until the subject of seats came up. “The deal is very clear: We hosted this party in hopes he’ll give us better ones next week.”

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Men’s Vogue‘s Jay Fielden with James Blake.