August 30 2014

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The Fur Vest Takes Top Billing This Fall


You can sing about autumn in New York and you can shop for it, but with temps topping 80 in Manhattan these days, it’s going to be difficult to work Fall’s heritage tweeds and midi lengths in Bryant Park. (We’re actually hoping the tents have AC—and plenty of it.) Nevertheless, the Fall item that’s giving us that warm and fuzzy feeling right now is the fur vest—worn neatly cinched at the waist (as at Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton) or nonchalantly open and long (as at Marni and Roksanda Ilincic). However you style it, you’re sure to come out on top.

Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. than says:

    love those pink shoes

  2. nsher3 says:

    nice fur

  3. aestheticjudgments says:

    fur is nasty

  4. p_lb3 says:

    I think Its not elegant to have a dead animal on the shoulders..

  5. coolspice says:

    when you say fur, do you mean fake fur or skin-and-hair of someone dead?

  6. angelovmyn says:

    I take it you mean Faux Fur???

    You wouldn’t actually advocate we go out and buy real fur?? What with the horrific reality of where Real fur comes from?
    Just incase you don’t know…. educate yourself!!

    Thanks… if you did mean Faux fur… then i’m glad we’re on the same page!!

  7. vardyortho says:

    i hate it when designers wear faux fur. i mean, i would hate to be skinned and worn on some ones back as some decorative ornament.

  8. vardyortho says:

    sorry, i meant when designers use

  9. netsiavinerk says:

    Nice but the silver fox is a rather tired look, better to go with one of Rick Owens’ creations or, to be really ecological~ one in natural juvenile hair seal such as a roomy cut blue-back -Crystata Cystaphora- shrugged on over a navy suit could be truly chic!
    & to the writer of an earlier comment from you really need to educate yourself on ethical matters of humane harvests and traditional aboriginal connections in living harmoniously with nature!