August 28 2014

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a day in the life of: iekeliene stange, model


Wednesday, September 24

I ended up being a little rushed in the morning—I was walking in the Gucci show—so to be honest this outfit was more of a quick decision than something really thought-out. And I had some important appointments, so I had to keep it simple (some Italians get slightly shocked by my color explosions). It’s a Phillip Lim dress with an Erin Fetherston top and a vintage sparkly waistcoat.

Thursday, September 25

I’m really into flowery dresses at the moment. I love finding vintage items with interesting fabrics and patterns that show a little history. I had to go to the airport today—a last-minute job in London, so no more Milan shows for me—and wanted to wear something comfortable and easy. I guess it’s very “hippie traveler.” It’s a vintage dress with a waistcoat I dug out of my dressing-up box from when I was little, with some beads and a necklace I made myself.

Photo: Greg Kessler



  1. autumnrobin says:

    I LOVE THIS MODEL on the runway… everytime I see her I get so happy because she has a very unique and interesting beauty.

  2. Appollonia says:

    I like Iekeline and not because I’m Dutch myself but in her style I see a lot of my country! The street-style of the young Dutch. Wonderful. I’ve seen better examples than this look on her tho this looks great too. You go Iekeline! I love our models for being such good ambassadors for the Netherland as a stylish country. Because we are and we are underrated!

  3. Valerio says:

    Yes I’m one of the shocked Italians by your explosion of colors. Actually I like colored dressess or whatever, but this is a little bit overdone. Maybe caused by the fact that I never was a fan of the hippie culture and their clothing style. Nevertheless, as a model you’re doing great. You Dutch models are wellknown for their attitude the easy way a designer can work with you etc. Actually you’re all down to earth girls. You’re a good successor of Dewi Driegen whom I still miss, okay sometimes she appears in a show, but much lesser then I like.

  4. wawest24 says:

    She wears the vest in the second picture so much! Ive seen it on her in pictures like 8 times recently.

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