August 31 2014

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blasblog: alice dellal’s new york


When I bumped into Alice Dellal on Thursday night at the Last Magazine party at Milk Studios, I had just one question for her: How does she get through security with all those studs on her leather vest? “Oh, they know better than to ask me to take it off,” Dellal, beer in one hand and vodka in the other, told me. “I think they’re intimidated by me.” While her shaved head, nose ring, torn panty hose, and general I’m-with-Satan attitude could shake even the most hardened airport security worker, she was only teasing (I think). But since she is in that vest so often, it brought up another question: What does this BrIt girl do for fun when she’s in the Big Apple? It can’t be shopping when she wears the same thing everyday. Does she just sit around trimming the closely shorn part of her scalp and tightening the screws and safety pins on her waistcoat? “Nah, I have loads of friends here. And I can always find some trouble.” One of her friends is the model, DJ, and sometimes Vogue girl Harley Viera Newton, who has a Wednesday night DJ residency at Lit with co-spinner Cassie Coane. “I’ve stayed with Harley before,” Dellal said. “But now I’m staying at the Gramercy Park. Fancy, eh?” I can happily report that under the rabble-rousing and the buzz cut is a sweet and super-stylish young lass; she’s at the Gramercy ’cause her mother is staying there, and she’s not above the mainstream fashion function. When she left the Last Magazine party she was headed to the Zac Posen after-party. She’s got so much street cred she’s apparently not worried about keeping her street cred.

Photo: Derek Blasberg



  1. medusa242 says:

    Guess you didn’t ask her about those pictures of her doing cocaine that surfaced this week? That would have been far more interesting.

  2. Appollonia says:

    As someone else said lately: another useless eaxample of the Privileged Spoilt Brit Brat Pack!!

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