August 21 2014

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blasblog: another one goes blond


Sometimes when a model goes platinum it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. A decade ago, Carolyn Murphy’s hair was traumatically fried in a freak photo shoot accident, so she cropped it short and went a cheeky shade of blond—a risk that resulted in the first exit in a groundbreaking Gucci show, which wound up providing the California native with a long career in front of the camera and a hefty Estée Lauder deal. That’s what we call a good dye. A bad dye would be the case of Querelle, a Dutch model who went white one season and who hasn’t been seen much since. (There’s also what we like to call an odd dye, like when Maria Carla Boscono went albino and suddenly looked a tad odd; she chocked up a YSL Opium ad but quickly went back to black.) This season, the girl we’ve seen go the blondest is former Mario Testino protégée Jacquetta Wheeler. At the Beatrice Inn last night, we asked the Brit stunner why. “I needed something to snap me back into fashion,” she told us, explaining that she’d taken a half-year break from modeling to tour the Far East on her own. “And I have to say it’s done the trick. I feel like a new girl again, like when I first started working and Mario used to keep changing my hair—shaving it one day, giving me a fringe the next, or dying it a different color.”

Photo: Shaun Mader/



  1. theshambles says:

    what about irina l? haven’t seen her

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