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blasblog from paris: colette gets arty


Sarah Lerfel, the daughter of a lady named Colette, who has a certain shop on the Rue Saint-Honoré that you might have heard of, was manning her party/installation alone on Monday night. The shop closed up early to get ready for an art show curated by Jen Brill and Aaron Bondaroff, featuring works from the likes of Jack Pierson, Nate Lowman, Terence Koh, and Dan Colen. “They are coming, they are coming,” Lerfel said, blaming the hectic Parisian traffic and the late-running Martin Margiela show for the lack of a crowd. When guests like Barbara Bush, Margherita Missoni, and fledgling art-world favorite Dasha Zhukova did start to arrive, they were impressed. Zhukova, in particular, put her money where her mouth is. “I like the one with the poodle,” she said of a Dash Snow piece that was one in a series of three. “Do you think it’s for sale?” It was, and she got it.

Photo: Derek Blasberg

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