September 2 2014

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Blasblog: not the type of sandwich we were expecting


It’s not easy to move a party from one city to another. One has to deal with the ambiance, the people, the venue—and traditionally what works in, say, Paris, will not work in a completely different city like New York. Unless, that is, it’s a party like Club Sandwich, which has been a consistently fashion-filled dance night that’s been adding a little color to the Paris scene for almost a year now. James Gardner, of the digital solutions group CreateThe, asked his French pals to move the event over to 14th Street’s members-only nightclub Norwood House for fashion week. “I always break out a look,” Andre J., wearing a T-shirt minidress and working a dark strawberry-blond weave and a beard, said from the dance floor. “But for this party, I knew it had to be extra-fierce.” One of the DJs, Burberry’s PR director Alex Malgouyres, himself a Paris transplant who has flown home for the occasional DJ gig at Club Sandwich, made sure the night would be special. “This is the best party New York has had in years!” he cried from behind the decks, which was a rumor that traveled fast in Lower Manhattan. As I left the club around 2 a.m., Rosario Dawson was just pulling up. Although she was at first given some initial hassle at the door, it seemed that someone there had seen Rent (quelle surprise!) and quickly escorted her in.

Photo: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic