August 21 2014

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blasblog: the good manners of kelly osbourne


News flash: Kelly Osbourne, the notoriously brassy middle child of rock god (and part-time fowl beheader) Ozzy Osbourne, has good manners. Her boyfriend, model Luke Worrall, not so much (at least not when it comes to a model’s fashion show etiquette; we can’t comment on his table habits). We ascertained this bit of information at Victor Glemaud’s menswear presentation on Friday afternoon at Milk Studios. Worrall, who has been making quite the rounds this season, was the very last model to show up and slip into Glemaud’s collection of fancy cashmere sweaters, short shorts, and brightly colored trousers (he’s the one with the I Love You Victor man-purse, left), gliding in just moments before the presentation was supposed to open to editors. But when his plaid-clad and bespectacled girlfriend tried to follow in afterward and was politely asked to wait with the rest of the crowd, there was no scene or tantrums. While everyone waited with bated breath—say it! Just say, “Do you know who I am?”—Osbourne, who only asked once if she could sneak in and deliver her better half’s belongings, just waited with the rest of us. Well-mannered she may have been, but she’s not above teasing; throughout the presentation she routinely made fun of Worrall’s poses. Ah, young model love.


Photo: Marcio Madeira


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