July 29 2014

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Blasblog: the rose bar’s rocking birthday


“Can I have your attention, please: The Rose Bar is now officially a rock ‘n’ roll club.” With that announcement, which was made by Nur Khan, who’s been the maestro of the Gramercy Park’s swanky red-velvet lounge since it opened, the top-secret second anniversary celebration of the club began. (Not that anything in this city is that top secret: Damien, the spot’s much admired doorman, had to put more than one uninvited guest—hello, Lady Victoria Hervey—in their place.) And boy was it rowdy, the highlight being the set from Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell. In various parts of the standing-room-only crowd (and people were standing on anything, including benches, booths, cash registers, and the pool table) were the likes of Jeremy Piven, Dylan McDermott, Theodora Richards, Mick Rock, Tara Subkoff, Barbara Bush, former Calvin Klein model Freddie Ljungberg, and Jacquetta Wheeler. “I have to say, I love this crowd. And I love that so many people came out tonight—I know there were conflicting parties,” said Lou Doillon, who swung by the Prada bash but fled the fashion flock for the gig. “But me? I like to mix it up.” She wasn’t the only one. Interview‘s Christopher Bollen commented that it took him some time to remember what he was coming to the Rose Bar for: Which fashion company was doing their dinner here? Or was it a designer’s after-party? A socialite handbag launch? “Oh, that’s right. I came for the music. How novel.”

Photo: Clint Spaulding/

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