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chiara clemente, the lady in red


Jewelry designer, artist, and part-time Wes Anderson muse Waris Ahluwalia wasn’t kidding around when he sent out an invitation for his better half’s birthday party, which took place Thursday night at the Beatrice Inn. If you wanted to wish Chiara Clemente many happy returns, you had to wear red (though the invitation did helpfully state that “anything red counts. anything”). Some hosts get lackadaisical with these types of things, but Ahluwalia stood by the entrance with a flashlight to ensure his guests played by the rules, recoiling in horror when some had the audacity to overlook the red rule. To wit, more than one spiritual hipster had to point to their kabbalah bracelet; Andy Spade, after some searching, found a thread of red in his woven belt; and Tom Sachs had to point to a friend who was wearing a red sock he had borrowed from the artist long ago. Clemente was in the middle of it all in a tiered red dress. “This is kind of my first birthday party,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong—it’s fun—but it’s kind of intense.” She wasn’t kidding—the balloons weren’t necessarily a good idea given that notoriously smoky club’s low ceilings, and there should be a no-hats-and-big-hair rule on small, crowded dance floors. Joining the budding filmmaker were buddies Tara Subkoff, Meredith Melling Burke, Julie Gilhart, and Coco Brandolini, the last of whom had something to celebrate, too—the September bride had the final fitting for her Oscar de la Renta wedding dress earlier that day.

Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

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