August 27 2014

styledotcom In a sea of #Emmys red, @nlyonne stood out in @openingceremony. Humberto Leon discusses:

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clothes for the psychologically unsound


“You don’t think about it,” Yanina Landsaat explained of a typical look she and Don the Verb co-collaborator Hanna Åström created for their Spring ’09 show at White Box gallery. “You reach for it, it feels good, and you put it on.” While the idea of ease clearly informed the duo’s black, white, and putty-colored wares this season (with a sole pair of high-waist crimson pants thrown in for good measure), the designers draped, folded, and cut with a very specific downtown denizen in mind: the always hurried, perpetually hip L.E.S.-er. “It’s about having something that somebody can put on unconsciously in the morning and wear throughout the day and then go out for drinks at night.” Maybe a few cocktails would go a long way in calming the frayed nerves of their clientele, who, according to Landsaat, like most New Yorkers occasionally find themselves off-kilter. “We celebrate feeling psychologically unsound,” she says. “Everyone in the city feels it at one point or another. The collection itself is a bit unnerving.” Just don’t expect any kooky embellishments or “statement” pieces—purposely “off” details like uneven lengths or mismatched sleeves are worked in sans hoopla. Or as Landsaat notes, “It’s quiet. We won’t throw it in your face.”

Photo: Courtesy of Don the Verb



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