August 21 2014

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cool new destination: chiswick. yes, chiswick.


Could a new cool neighborhood be on the horizon in London? Up until recently, Chiswick, about two miles west of Notting Hill, was considered the height of bourgeois living, filled with yummy mummies, Bugaboos, and Starbucks—a London version of Park Slope. Now, suddenly, it’s cool. First Soho House opened a branch there (High Road House); then, in December, Colin Firth, his wife, Livia, and his very hot brother-in-law Nicola Giuggioli launched their ethical design consultancy firm and shop, Eco. Other additions: Bikram Yoga and Now Ten Pilates, which just opened this week (the Kensington branch is where Claudia Schiffer prepared for her nude German Vogue cover shoot). Oxfam has one of its two high-end designer shops here, and both Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss have dropped off donations in person. Ron Wood and Vanessa Redgrave were seen rummaging through some of Chiswick’s antique shops not long ago, and even Nicole Kidman was spotted this weekend, with baby Sunday Rose in tow, at chic eatery Sam’s Brasserie. Let’s see—shopping, fitness, and celebrities. Yup, sounds like Chiswick has made the leap to cool.


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