September 2 2014

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fashion talks politics: sarah palin


How does one ruffle the feathers of the staunchly liberal fashion flock in two words or less? Sarah Palin. We casually broached the subject of the GOP vice presidential candidate at one or two shindigs around town this week and man, oh, man did we catch an earful. See vitriol below.

“Being the mayor of 9,000 people qualifies a person to be vice president of the United States? Are you kidding me? 9,000 people live on my block. In New York, if you’re waiting for an elevator and there’s only 9,000 people in it, you say, ‘It’s not too bad, I can get in.’ I cannot express strongly enough my contempt for this.” —Fran Lebowitz at the Diane von Furstenberg post-show dinner

“Minus the feathered hair, she looks exactly like the really smiley, chubby-cheeked girl eating a gyro on that poster that’s been in all the Greek restaurants for, like, the last 15 years. That said, my mom looooves her.” —John Cameron Mitchell at the Marc Jacobs after-party

“She’s a female George Bush as far as I’m concerned.” —Peter Brant at the Marc Jacobs show

“She’s a Republican and she shoots wolves from helicopters, so right away I’m not going to like her.” —Bernadette Peters at the Zac Posen dinner

Feel differently about the would-be veep? Comments welcome below.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images



  1. LadyHydralisk says:

    Why was she in Vogue? So we could make fun of her?

  2. wawest24 says:

    She wasnt only the mayor of 9,000 people, she was also the governer of alaska. Now Alaska isnt the biggest sate, but at least she has experience running something. If you wanna talk experience than it will need to be pointed out that Obama has never run anything at all. He has only ever been a senator and his experience as a seantaor barely qualifys as such… he has only actually voted present in the senate 111 times in his whole career.

    And shes only running to be the VP.

  3. LISAMARIEZR says:

    u may not post since I believe Obama is too liberl–very socialitic–our country will be a joke to the orld like Greece. I have lied all over the world and am an artist who trained at Sorbonne and am a librl person–but sadly the democrats picked someone way over the base and the country will suffer. PS no one will retire
    from the Supreme Court if they r liberal–they would wait for 4 yrs if that is what u r worried about!!WORRY ABOUT BEING A SOCIALIST COUNTRY INSTEAD!!!!

  4. menina says:

    what funny quotes!
    i looooove her though.

  5. theoutsider says:

    She believes she gets her guidance from god, and she didn’t know what the “Bush doctrine” was. I rest my case.

  6. lelarose says:

    Sarah Palin has been the Governor of a state that has a population the size of Memphis, TN. When she was the Mayor of Wasila, the town had around 5,800 constituents. I do not believe that governing a small, relatively non diverse population of people qualifies you to be in the position that Sarah Palin finds herself in. Rather than debating her qualifications though, we should instead be debating whether John McCain showed leadership skills and rational judgement when he chose her as a running mate. This was a prime opportunity for him to show us how he would lead the country by using sound judgement and making wise decisions. Some may argue that Sarah Palin was the best choice he could have made. You would only argue that in hind sight now that his choice seems to have given him a jump in the polls. When he invited Sarah Palin to be his running mate, it has been widely reported that they had only met briefly once before in February at a Governor’s breakfast (amongst many other people, and I highly doubt they had much time to discuss policy given that his campaign advisors wanted his choice to remain very secret). The two then spoke again on the phone the Sunday night prior to his announcement that coming Friday. They met face to face the first time that Thursday before the Friday announcement and he offered her the job then. His campaign has tried to portray the sense that Sarah Palin was properly vetted prior to her announcement. There has been much repoting that no one in the Alaskan legislature, business community, and town of Wasila had been contacted about Sarah Palin to speak from experience about her skills, her dealings as Governor and Mayor, her general personality, etc. His staff landed in Alaska 6 days after the announcement to begin compiling due diligence on Sarah Palin.

    To me, the lack of a rational decision making process shows me much about John McCain. He used his “gut” to make this decision. I have seen “gut” decisions made for several years now from our government and I believe that many of these decisions were reckless (as is usually the case when using your “gut” only as your guide). Would you ever go to a doctor that made quick, uninformed decisions about vital health issues? Our next Presdient will in essence need to be a doctor for this country. Our economy is ailing, our environment is ailing, our foreign relations are ailing, and our national psyche is ailing. I can’t imagine electing a Presidential leader that is willing to make rash and uninformed decisions about such weighty issues. On what to eat for lunch, OK. On who will be your confidante, trusted advisor, second in command, and possibly the President in case of illness or death, NO.

    This choice may work for John McCain to win to the Presidency, but is that all that he cares about? Does he not care about our many problems today? Does he really have the confidence that Sarah Palin, because of her geographical proximity to Russia, can lend a wisened point of view on foreign dealings?

    We need to realize that you want your friends to be “relatable”, not your leaders. I want my leader to be consumed every moment about how to nation build in the United States of America, to spend his/ her time really studying the issues and figuring out win-win solutions to our problems. I don’t want or need to grab a beer with any of them. We need our leaders to lead, not be our buddies.

    Please educate yourselves on the candidates and ideals they stand for. We should all know how vital choosing good leadership is. We see how a good or bad leader affects businesses all the time. Do we not realize that good or bad leaders affect the vitality of our country and how important it is to be educated about issues, not informed by your gut.

  7. plouisny says:

    Sarah Palin is a wonderful would be VP. She will lead us into darkness and archaic policies that would make any neanderthal, oops I mean ultra-conservative proud.

  8. Appollonia says:

    I’m not an American. But since the US claims to be the world leader which I find very questionable I think I can have my say about this woman and the US elections. The whole world is watching you see. Sometimes in bewildering!
    The candidates off both parties are the weakest ever from my point of view!! And not only mine…..

    And this woman does scare the hell out off me! May the force be with us..

    Yep, the quotes are very funny but I can’t laugh that loud….brrrrrrr…..

  9. FENTON says:

    Just because a woman is a self-proclaimed “hockey mom” and many women in America relate to her does not negate the fact that she is the WORST vice-presidential candidate- man, woman or alien. Wake up ladies- do not elect a woman based on the fact that she is a woman. The very idea of a woman vice- president is such an amazing and progressive thought, but electing THIS woman given every horrible thing she stands for would derail decades of progress we have made as women and as a country. Those of you who can “relate” to Sarah Palin, think hard. She might be someone fun to sit and drink boxed wine and watch Desperate Housewives with…but the fun ends there. Please be wise and educated come November!!

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