August 22 2014

styledotcom Ukrainian designers embraced nationalism:

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harrods puts on a spread


The scene: the Ladurée tea room at Harrods, which is hosting the launch of André Benjamin’s Benjamin Bixby line. The time: late night. In attendance: a bunch of ravenous and low-blood-sugared journalists, buyers, and publicists who have been running around to the shows and events all day with no lunch, no dinner—nothing but Red Bull and, if they’re lucky, a bag of crisps. Enter some hunky, attentive French waiters, some right off the Eurostar (on loan from Ladurée HQ), bringing tray after tray of glorious haute couture nibbles and generally being agreeably attentive. You’ve never seen so many happy women tucking in with abandon. Harrods, we love you.


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