September 3 2014

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headbands: not just for lady miss kier anymore


Here’s the thing about bangs: They’re great, but eventually, unless you plan to go to your deathbed with a brow-skimming fringe, you are going to have to grow them out. And that is not so great at all. In fact, many of the girls who spent the last year or so dabbling in Irina-style blunt-cut bangs would probably agree that there’s a growing-out-bangs circle of hell, one that Dante for some reason excluded from his Inferno. What to do? Attempt patience, first of all, and invest in barrettes. But the fact that the bang trend is on the wane can best be confirmed by the waxing trend of headbands. Fashion week attendees have been seeing a whole lot of headbands around the tents this season—those gamine, double-band ballerina-style ones are in particular vogue, and for last-minute hair emergencies, perfectly decent plastic versions can be found at every Duane Reade. (Warning: These will make you look a little like Lady Miss Kier, which isn’t a bad thing, but isn’t always a fantastic thing, either.) But the very best headbands, your humble correspondent has surmised, are made by Eva Scrivo. This is unsurprising, given that Scrivo—as the doyenne of her own popular downtown salon—has probably heard enough wailing over the woes of half-grown-out fringe to last her a lifetime. Plain and chic, the Scrivo headbands come in leather and satin elasticizied varieties in a range of widths and sizes, and once on, they don’t budge. And if you’re of a mind to make a fashion statement out of a bad-bang situation, Scrivo has collaborated with Erin Barr on a collection of style-timely, flapper-inspired feather headbands. On a hellish hair day (could this week have been more humid?), they look as though they might have been made of angels’ wings.

Photo: Courtesy of Scrivo

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