September 3 2014

styledotcom This natural nighttime serum gives @rubyjean_wilson her radiant glow:

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in defense of the working celebrity


“Where are the celebs?” pouted the partygoers midway through the overcrowded but underwhelming after-party for PPQ in Piccadilly’s Vendome Mayfair. “The best we can hope for is a Kelly Osbourne sighting,” lamented one journalist. While the absences at the PPQ fête might have suggested that London’s celebrities were sleeping on the job, Peter Jensen‘s show earlier in the evening was a defense of non-party-hopping famous people. “I dedicated it to Jodie Foster,” Jensen explained backstage after his joyful show, which combined frisky early Foster references with Julie Verhoeven’s prints. “When you go see a movie starring her, you see it because it will be a really good film. She’s an actress. She does her job. Her job is not to have us look under her skirt or have her fall on her face coming out of a club. Her job as an actress is to act.”


Photo: Marcio Madeira


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