August 22 2014

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jagging off and other nighttime diversions


Though it was slow to get going—hostess Fergie was more than an hour late—once last night’s MAC dinner at Café Select got going, guests didn’t really need any distractions. But that didn’t mean there weren’t any. Across the street from the soon-to-open restaurant, Whitney Port was filming her New York-based Hills spin-off at La Esquina. (The production crew promised not to shoot with a wide-angle lens, the better to keep diners such as Lily Donaldson and Joy Bryant, who were eating separately at the café, from inadvertently showing up in a background shot.) If the prospect of watching a reality TV star wasn’t diverting enough, Theodora Richards found herself “Jagging Off” with one of the photographers covering the MAC event (confused? Google “Jagg Off” for more information). According to an online definition we found, “The rules are simple: when your friend says, “Do your best Jagger,” you have to impersonate Mick Jagger—no matter what you’re doing. If you fail to impersonate Jagger, be prepared to suffer the consequences.” The daughter of Jagger’s fellow Stone suffered no consequences, as she did in fact get her Jagg on. (The results were a draw.) “Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened,” the sometime model sighed as she made her way back to her seat.


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