August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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kelly osbourne, dressed to kill


Who should we see sitting front row at Patrik Rzepski yesterday afternoon but Kelly Osbourne, wearing the designer’s formfitting white dress and white Louboutin heels (a very graphic choice paired with her geometric raven ‘do). “I’m in town to go to shows,” she announced. “And I’m going selfishly. We’ve got the new show on Fox this season, so I’m definitely doing some shopping for myself.” And what is she looking forward to seeing? “Luella, PPQ, Henry Holland. Those are all English, though. I should talk about New York shows. I’m excited to see Marc Jacobs, definitely. And I love Patrik’s clothes—they’re so neat and formfitting, which is good for me because I’m short but I have a small waist. They’re Jackie O, but not quite…” Well, he did base a collection on Myra Hindley once. “Yes! Exactly! Like that Alexander McQueen collection that he based on a famous London murderer. I love that.”

Photo: Wendell Teodoro/WireImage

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