August 21 2014

styledotcom Sneakers and dresses make a killer combo for Fall:

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Miss Manners


Emma Roberts may have just met Ruffian‘s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, but the very fresh-faced starlet (we’re talking no pores, people) hosted their after-party at the Royalton penthouse on Saturday night like an old pal. Old pals get the best duds, of course, and Roberts had fallen for a black bustier minidress from Fall with a colorful shot of needlepoint detailing that proves she’s no slouch in the style department. Fresh off a Vanity Fair cover and on her way to the red carpet in Toronto, Roberts had half a normal 17-year-old’s summer at sleepaway camp in the Midwest, and half a celebrity summer promoting Wild Child in Australia and the U.K. “I got to turn my phone off for a month,” Roberts said nostalgically of her time at camp. “That was really nice.” The phone’s undoubtedly back in service now, but Roberts’ prompt, dare we say early, appearance for her hosting duties was refreshingly un-diva-in-the-making-like behavior.

Photo: Lorenzo Santini/WireImage

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