August 21 2014

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organic does jewelry


“I had tickets to the U.S. Open and everything,” says Dana Lorenz. “I was dead-set. No fashion week. Maybe some other time.” Or maybe not, because Fallon designer Lorenz has ceded the courtside seats and found herself a fashion week partner-in-crime. She’s collaborating with CFDA/Vogue-nominated designer John Patrick of Organic on a new collection of jewelry set to debut at the Organic presentation tomorrow, and per fashion week usual, work on the first-edition Fallon for Organic pieces is going down to the wire. But Lorenz isn’t complaining. “John Patrick and I are nuts in very similar ways,” she opines. “So, he’ll say something like, ‘doll going crazy in an attic,’ and I think Flowers in the Attic, and we’re off to the races.” That “attic” theme has threaded itself into statement necklaces made from jumbles of chain and couture fabric and old scavenged cameos and lockets. “John Patrick is incredibly committed to the sustainability of his brand,” Lorenz notes, “and that’s been a really interesting education for me, and a big part of the reason I got involved. I’m excited about what we’re making. Although,” she adds, “I’d still like to see some tennis at some point, so back to work…”

Photo: Courtesy Dana Lorenz

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