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paris fashion week: grace under pressure


Grace, an eerie if somewhat comical character created by designer Jun Takahashi, has been making her presence felt for the last several seasons at his Undercover shows. At yesterday’s exhibit-styled presentation, however, she upped her ante: A whole army of Graces, in the form of diamanté and pearl-encrusted figurines, were sitting pretty on the mannequins. Although they’re not the kind of dollies you want to cuddle up with, the fluffy beings with the luminous eyes (each of which takes Takahashi about an hour to make) are starting to grow on us. And we can’t help but wonder if the description of them printed on the canvas tote bags given to VIPs yesterday represents the designer’s thoughts on the fashion press: “Usually peaceful towards humans, though they might become defiant due to their territorial nature. It is advised to keep at a cautious distance from them.” Just a thought.

Photo: Linlee Allen

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