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Rachel Comey and the Zen of Jewelry-Making


Fashion week events turn up in all sorts of places, but Friday night’s Rachel Comey show at the New Dance Group space in Midtown presented attendees with an interesting invitation to narcissism. Comey had set up her runway in one of the rehearsal spaces at the Dance Group headquarters, and inasmuch as the front row faced directly into a mirror, much checking out of selves ensued. Having taken stock of one’s appearance, it was all the easier—once the models began to swan down the catwalk—to mentally try on Comey’s tribal jewelry styling. Mix-and-match earrings were clipped all along the ear, and not only did this represent a kind of earring paradigm shift, but in a welcome concession to the aspirational experimenter, most of the earrings Comey used came from the bargain bins at various flea markets. “I’ve been collecting this stuff for a while,” she explained after the show. “Then I supplemented the thrift pieces with jewelry I made myself.” Indeed, Comey stayed up into the wee hours the night before her show finishing up her debut jewelry collection, a combination of vintage-inspired and abstract, enamel-filled necklaces and earrings. “I’m not sure we’re going to produce any of it, though in theory I’d like to. But for me, it was more of a zen thing in the run-up to the show. Like, while other people were worrying about casting, I got to sit in a corner stringing pieces. I think I was the calmest I’ve ever been before a show. Though I may have driven everyone else a little crazy.”


Photo: Marcio Madeira


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