August 23 2014

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sienna’s fall isn’t looking much better than her summer


The Balthazar backlash continues: Even an obsessive fan who created a Web site devoted to Sienna thinks her philandering ways are tacky.

Candace Bushnell is set to pen Sex and the City: The Teenage Years, all about an underage Carrie. We’ll stick to the reruns on Lifetime, thanks.

Paul McCartney debuted his new girlfriend in London last night; so far no death threats from Stella.

Think Stella’s getting a bad rap? Can’t wait for Carrie’s preteen show fetish? Discuss among yourselves. Comments welcome below.




  1. Appollonia says:

    Sienna’s fall? Yes. I’ve read a lot about the witch-hunt on Sienna! What a shame it is. Because she and another, but married, adulthave an affair, so she is a slut, a home-wrecker and whatever names this girl has been called. I’m not at all a Sienna Miller fan. I don’t even care about her!
    What I care about is the hypocrite treatment she, a woman, gets in the media! Its a bloody shame. Men do this all the time! They have kids with a several women, but who cares? Names? You know them all. Becaues you know these famous celebrities and hails them. The males of course!
    The current Mrs Sarkozy-Bruni is hailed for her freedom of thinking and uncontroversial behaviour because she’s so stylish and a former supermodel. And a aristocrate of course. I don’t get this why Carla is hailed and Sienna is bullied??? Now even this site pays attention to Sienna and Balthazar Getty for crying out loud. I’ve my ideas about that wife of him too…ah, a heir of billions and four kids in no time? Hmmm….she doesn’t even wants a divorce? I see…do you see it too?
    I like women as Sienna and Carla they lives THEIR lifes. They are free as men and act like that gender does for ages! Got my drift? Its all so hypocrite that it makes me nauseous!!

    And at the same time we women have to sexy, be feminine and acts like temptresses as THE word is in fashion. See Eva Mendez and Natalia Vodianova in their recent fragrance commercials does. Fine by me by the way. But they do that of course as an example how to act to keep your own husband satisfied? Pffff…