August 27 2014

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subversive and iceland: mystery solved


Fashion week mysteries abound. What does Erin Fetherston have to do with biscuits? Who designed those dresses the Evian girls in the Tents are being forced to wear? Why is someone in my seat? Does Ugly Betty star Becki Newton come to so many shows because she thinks she actually works in fashion? If I traipse out to the Mini Cooper rooftop one more time, will they give me a car? And so on. Another mystery: How did Justin Giunta wind up presenting his Morocco-inspired Spring ’09 collection at the boutique Kisan, a brand-new export from Reykjavik? “They picked up the line, and they were opening up the space, and it all worked out,” Giunta explained, hoarsely. The designer was battling a case of bronchitis at his presentation/party last night, but he gamely went on to note that Kisan carries lots of stuff that’s not from Iceland. True: There was plenty of Rykiel mixed in with the Icelandic wool sweaters and Steinunn knits, and, of course, there was the new Subversive collection, which started taking shape in Giunta’s imagination on a trip to Morocco with Elise Øverland last April. “I’d tell you all about it,” he wisecracked, “but it’s probably better if I stop talking.”

Photo: Courtesy of Subversive

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