September 1 2014

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the key to ben cho’s collection


Ben Cho has always been a bit of a fetishist—season to season, he’s threaded everything from zippers and hearts to ropes and lipstick traces into his collections. His fans have come to expect the unexpected. And to be sure, at Cho’s show on Tuesday evening, attendees such as Leigh Lezark, Natasha Lyonne, and Mary-Kate Olsen weren’t exactly batting eyelashes when a group of looks charged down the runway jangling with keys. But still: What gives? Had Cho locked himself out of his apartment some night and seized inspiration from a locksmith? “There were supposed to be more keys!” he complained after the show. “I just liked the way they looked, bright but kind of tarnished. But it turns out that it’s illegal to buy keys in bulk. You have no idea how hard it was to get my hands on just the ones in the show. There was one guy at Home Depot who was like, ‘Hey, give me your cell number and I’ll hook you up.’” At this point Cho rolled his eyes. “I had no idea I was doing something so subversive. But, whatever. If anyone wants to know why I decided to do keys, I guess I’ll just tell them: Because it’s a crime.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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