September 1 2014

styledotcom Just in time for fashion week, @Barbie's wardrobe gets a designer update:

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the kiwi lowdown from karen walker


Karen Walker devotees, take note: Those straw chapeaus the designer showed on Saturday will indeed be going into production for next spring. That was a subject of some debate after Walker’s runway cleared—after all, the skyscraping hats, which sent up many a “preorder” murmur, looked suspiciously like one of those cruel just-for-runway jokes designers like to play on the fashion-obsessed. “Not a styling piece,” Walker reassured one nervous fan. “Making those hats was a bit of a process, so now that we’ve got them ready to go, they’re going.” Walker’s willingness to walk the line between awesome and plum-crazy frequently turns up trumps like this headgear, but to judge by New Zealand’s other most-beloved export, a witty, can-do approach to the not-quite-normal appears to be something of a national signature. We speak, of course, of Flight of the Conchords, which Walker confesses to obsessing over. Are there any other gems of Kiwi culture that Americans ought to be finding out about? “No. I mean, maybe I’ll get home and realize I forgot about something really important and feel bad, but off the top of my head, yeah, it’s just me and the Conchords. That’s everything you need to know.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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