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the male perspective


We were looking for a rare breed of man backstage at Ferragamo: a heterosexual who works in fashion. To make the challenge harder on ourselves—we don’t want to disappoint our readers—he had to also be top-notch in the looks department. James Ferragamo, head of Ferragamo Accessories, fit the bill. Our mission? To find out the tastes of a man who knows and likes both fashion and females. Post-show, with a PR nervously hovering behind us, he rolled out press release-style answers. However, later that night, at the Ferragamo exhibition party, after he’s downed a few glasses of Champagne, we cornered him again and squeezed him for juicer replies. “I like platforms on women. They accentuate the lines of the legs, and I like the fact that the look was once considered fetishist,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “I like well-tailored trousers and shirts which open to a point were a cleavage is suggested, and not forced upon its audience.” So there you have it.

Photo: Jasmine Serrurier

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