August 1 2014

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the manolo report


We interrupt this fashion season for a quick Manolo update. Apparently, a certain Blahnik shoe played an important role in a rather popular film that came out this summer, Sex and the City. According to several of the women crowding the shoe salon at Bergdorf Goodman on Friday afternoon, the television program on which this film was based represented something of a cultural phenomenon; namely, Carrie Bradshaw’s pioneering of the hunting and gathering of remarkable footwear as an Olympic-worthy sport. The women at Bergdorf’s, in any case, had followed Bradshaw’s lead, preordering pairs of Blahnik’s blue satin Sex and the City stiletto, and upon its arrival at the store on Friday, found themselves clutching their spiffy new boxes with patient fervor as they waited for the dapper Mr. Blahnik himself to autograph the soles of their new purchases. (It should be noted that both Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo were both spotted at the shoe salon, though neither girl was waiting in line.) Blahnik, for his part, was nonplussed by all the excitement; though he said he’s gotten used to his iconic status, shoe-wise, the SATC frenzy has been a nonstop surprise. “I had no idea any of this would happen,” he said, blinking at the curlicueing queue of fans. “They asked us for a shoe, we made 14 pairs and sent them off, and they never told us which one they were using or what role the shoe would play in the film. I think this may be the most famous shoe in the world.” Did he approve of the way the Blahnik shoe had been used in the film? “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I haven’t seen it. I think I’ll go tomorrow.”

Photo: Courtesy of Manolo Blahnik

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