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the next great quaff?


We may be only midway through the first day of fashion week, but we’ve already got a front-runner for the week’s drink of choice. While we’ll always have Fiji water bottles, last night at Sue Stemp’s presentation, swillers were tippling from a different pair of lips: bière de luxe, Kasteel Cru. As the name suggests, it’s a beer and a Champagne (take that, Miller High Life), but with its Alsace origins, it’s closer to bubbly than other impostors we’ve sampled. While one guest dismissed the beverage as a marketing ploy—”I don’t think there’s such a thing as Champagne yeast”—the majority of partygoers seemed unperturbed by matters of fermentation. You heard it here first: Pucker up.

Photo: Alison Baenen

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