August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Threeasfour: And the Gown Cried Fashion


There came a point during fashion week, day two: the hurricane, where it was nigh on impossible to have any thought other than “I am wet.” Those trying to stay fashion-focused might gamely have jotted a note, like, “Pneumonia, in for Spring ’09,” but really, a person can, in fact, get so drenched that even her synapses seem to be sopped and she just gives up on thinking. And then along comes a show that brings a person back to her senses, lickety-split. Threeasfour did just that. So much to notice, all at once—the Meredith Monk soundtrack, the seashells worked into belts and bags, the hand-crocheted snoods, the weather-ready graphic-cut swimwear, the boy modeling a woman’s peak-shouldered suit, the Altman Building leak front-and-center on the runway, which seemed to invite stiletto-heel disaster. But the real wake-up call came at the close of the show: Though attendees including Waris Ahluwalia, Vincent Gallo, and Sean Lennon had been rapt throughout, fashion protocol broke down as the final look appeared and the crowd erupted into spontaneous applause (a few folks even stood). “I guess it took about three weeks to make the dress,” Threeasfour’s Gabriel explained nonchalantly of the design collective’s gown, which was covered in capiz seashell paillettes. “I’m glad everyone liked it.” There’s a comment to file in the department of understatement, but then again, the so-called “wind chime” gown made plenty of noise all by itself. Literally—the dress sounded as the model walked. And it said: “Take that, nature. Fashion wins.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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