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Up Close and Personal With Toni Maticevski


Be it a matter of draping, twisting, or pinching, Toni Maticevski’s creations invariably involve a tremendous attention to detail, a process the Australian-born designer claims may in fact be more organic than one might think. “It kind of develops on the stand,” Maticevski explained of his third New York showing, inspired in part by Irving Penn’s photo essay collaboration with Diana Vreeland, Inventive Paris Clothes 1909-1939. “It’s basically free form, just kind of letting fabric do what it does and then just kind of messing with it. People say ‘cut it this way,’ but it just sort of evolves out of nothing.” Not being especially artistically inclined ourselves, we weren’t about to argue, but something tells us that there was more to the designer’s craft than he was letting on. After a bit of prodding Maticevski finally admitted that constructing his favorite piece from the show (ours too), a pink and orange-hued “stained glass window” silk top, was indeed laborious. “I really love a lot of the petal details but that one kind of took forever—’cause it’s kind of, like, individually bound. Have you seen it? Up close?” We hadn’t, but we’ll take his word for it.

Photo: Courtesy of Toni Maticevski

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