September 2 2014

styledotcom Yves Carcelle, longtime LVMH executive, dies at 66

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A $150K Fashion Allowance? That’s What You Call Elite


The Republican National Committee’s “strategic” spending of “financial resources available to the campaign” is fancy talk for saying they coughed up $150,000 for clothes and makeup for Sarah Palin’s vice presidential look. Just how Joe Six-Pack would spend it.

A slew of sources we trust (Page Six, Us Weekly, a cash-up-front fortune teller) claim that Guy Ritchie has already made his post-Madge love choice in actress Kelly Reilly. Conveniently, they’re working on a film together, so someone would have declared their love for each other eventually.

If you’ve been nail-biting over the possibility of Britney Spears serving time for a driving infraction, rest easy, the case has been dismissed, and the American justice system has proven its virtuousness once again.

Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images