August 27 2014

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a day in the life of: yasmin sewell, buyer for liberty of london


Wednesday, October 1

8 a.m.

I’m not so great with early starts, but during Paris fashion week I need to break all my rules. I’m sure I’ll perk up once I see the extraordinary dresses at Balmain, which is my first appointment. I’m thinking I need to wear a nice dress today—I’m tired of looking like a slouchy boy. I decide it’s time for my new YSL stone wool jersey dress. The temperature dropped about ten degrees overnight, so that pretty much marks the end of my summer wardrobe until May.

9 a.m.

Balmain is out of this world—and so are the prices. One of the hardest thing any buyer has to do is work out which $25,000 dress to choose. And what size? It’s really a guessing game when you get to that level. The team at Liberty, including the CEO and I, deliberate over this for most of the morning without reaching a decision.

12:30 p.m.

Lunch with Antonio Berardi at Bouledogue. He’s one of the loveliest designers I know and a pleasure in every way to work with. We both eat some damn good swordfish with sweet potato. Batteries recharged for about two hours.

2 p.m.

I have an appointment with David Seeto, a personal favorite of mine. I’d like to order every dress I see. His color palette is divine this season—he has a way of designing the chicest dresses that are just so easy to wear all the time, with no expiration date.

3 p.m.

Meaning 4 p.m. because of the late start. It’s the Dries show. This is an important one to attend, as it’s a big one for Liberty. It’s not as strong on print as last winter and summer, but I guess he couldn’t continue that OTT floral print for yet another season. It’s still beautiful, though, and I know it will work well in the new Liberty space.

I find it impossible to feel grounded when I’m doing a lot of shows and appointments in one day. There’s so much around me that is capturing my attention and dozens of people to tune into…it’s hard not to come across a little scattered!

5 p.m.

An appointment with Acne, my other personal favorite. I should note that today is a particularly lovely day. It’s not always this pleasant, believe me! We are doing Acne’s first big space in Liberty when we relaunch next season. It’s a label that ticks every box—even boxes you didn’t know you wanted to tick! It’s a time-consuming appointment, as we are discussing their area and the many collaborations we plan to do together as well as the buy, which is usually a minimum two-hour appointment on its own.

8 p.m.

Back to my hotel, where I’m having a little dinner party on my private terrace. Just good friends, all of us here for fashion week. These kinds of nights take our minds off the job. There’s nothing like good music, great friends, and Hôtel Amour’s famous roast chicken to bring you back down to earth.

Photo: Scott Schuman



  1. swon3806 says:

    I LOVE YASMIN! EVERyone join her on twitter – she just opened an account. its so great. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say when she goes to Paris for fashion week. beyond!

  2. swon3806 says:

    I love yasmin! everyone follow her on twitter – i can’t wait for what she has to say when she goes to paris fashion week!! beyond!

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