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Admiring the Art with Humberto Leon and Carol Lim


The Dow, the TED spread, The Fed’s action on interest rates, the price of gold: We each have our favorite ways of gauging the health of the economy, but if you want to know how the moneyed are feeling about, well, their money, there’s no better barometer than the art market. Phillips de Pury’s Saturday@Phillips auctions are geared toward the young collector, but a frugal art fiend will find it a friendly auction, no matter his or her age—that $600 stimulus check, for example, will go some way toward a Walter Niedermayr diptych (estimated at $800-$1,200) or Jeff Koons’ Paddle Ball Game (estimated at $500-$700.) Both items are on the slate at this weekend’s Saturday@Phillips auction. In the meantime, the broke—as opposed to the frugal—can take a cue from Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim and do some window-stimulating at the opening reception this evening. Leon and Lim, along with Hamish Bowles, got to preview the goods up for grabs, and they ‘fessed up to what they’d like to purchase in the Saturday@Phillips catalog. “I was like, OK, I’ll take a Ryan McGinley, and that Joseph Beuys, too,” said Leon of his fantasy shopping trip as part of Phillips’ “Tastemakers” program. “It was not a very taxing job,” noted Lim, who had, for her part, gravitated toward Vik Muniz’ monumental Gummy Bears, and Bruce Nauman’s graphic Ah Ha print. Estimate on the former: $1,800-$2,000. Estimate on the latter: $1,500-$2,000. Good taste: Priceless.

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