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angelina jolie, cutting-edge mother


Angelina Jolie locks up her nomination for mother of the year by buying knives for Maddox, just like her mom used to do for her. So sweet!

Are Victoria and David Beckham the latest celebs to be hoodwinked by their staff? If you just bought several hundred unused copies of Victoria’s memoir on eBay, then the answer is yes.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince are “officially” back together, whatever that means.

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage



  1. rachete says:

    she does know what looks best on her in this stage of her life

  2. Appollonia says:

    God, why does even has to report about these wacko’s and their doings?
    Angelina is Wacko Mom of the Year to me.
    That the Beckhams get robbed (a.o. celebs) doesn’t surprise me at all…this will become far more worse with the state the world is in…
    And Kate? What’s new?

    Why is this all interesting?