August 30 2014

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behind the scenes at valentino


The gloves are off at the Italian design house, which this week let go Alessandra Facchinetti as the designer of the main line in favor of the accessories team of Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Alessandra Facchinetti’s statement to the press:

“It was with deep regret that I learnt from the press that I would no longer be working with Valentino. This news came as a great surprise since the company’s top management has not yet seen fit to inform me of the above.

“I would like to thank Valentino S.p.A. for showing their appreciation of my “creative contribution and my sophisticated talent,” although I deeply regret the fact that this talent and contribution do not seem to have been adequately acknowledged.

“I find it extremely sad that a brand label of the caliber of Valentino, which has made history in the world of fashion, has been the subject of rumors for the past two weeks.

“Despite everything that has happened, I sincerely feel that this experience has empowered me because I know that my work has been deeply appreciated throughout the world. I would like to thank all my co-workers and all those people who have shown me both loyalty and affection.”

The House of Valentino’s statement to the press:

“I think it is a wise decision.

“To pretend to transform and revolutionize the Valentino style is a utopia which is a loss from the start.

“Valentino’s style is very strong and recognizable, which can only be taken forward, with necessary updating, by those who love it, respect it, and, above all, know it perfectly.

“Pier Paolo and Maria Grazia are company-oriented people, and it is right to give them a chance to bring forward a style, which, alongside Valentino, they have developed.”

“They are two serious, capable professionals that I had alongside me for many years. They always demonstrated an enormous respect and love for my work.

“There is an existing archive with thousands of dresses where they can draw and take inspiration from to create a Valentino product that is relevant today.

“It is a shame that their predecessor didn’t feel this need.

“I wish them all the success.”

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