August 28 2014

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blasblog from paris: last-minute vogueing at jeremy scott’s party


Uffie, the coquettish Franco-American songstress who offered up her sweaty best at the Jeremy Scott after-party on Tuesday night, could give Madonna a few tips on this whole concert performance thing. That’s because unlike Madge, who’s famous for her scrupulously rehearsed tours (and who was fined recently for breaking a curfew law at a concert at Wembley Arena), Uffie’s back-up dancers need but a few minutes with the performer to choreograph their routines. “Not bad for only meeting an hour ago, eh?” Uffie asked after writhing around with the foursome and flinging herself into the crowd. And indeed, before she took the stage, she and her vogueing-friendly counterparts spent just a few minutes passing around an iPod with the night’s selected songs and pacing a few hand gestures (“You can touch me all you want,” Uffie directed). “We don’t need much time,” said a dancer in a leopard-print Adidas track suit, who was so moved during the dancing he found himself shredding Uffie’s tights with his bare hands. “At least not when we’re you’re dancing with a girl as cool as this one.”

Photo: Derek Blasberg

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