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blasblog from paris: the le baron-regine express


Before I came to Paris I was told by very reliable sources that this season’s hot spot would be Régine’s, the storied dance club that’s reached by descending two flights of mirrored staircases. Specifically, I was told it would be this season’s Le Baron, a reference to the smoky club on Avenue Marceau that was the place to be during the Fall collections. Well, I can now report that while Régine’s is officially a hot spot (I’ve been there every night, embarrassingly enough, and have witnessed everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Camilla Al Fayed to Anouck Lepère hitting the dance floor; it’s also where Mary-Kate Olsen made her first Paris fashion week appearance late Tuesday), the club has not exactly replaced Le Baron in popularity. Le Baron owner (and Beatrice Inn partner) André, who took over the lease at Régine’s a month ago, has decided to make it the official post-Baron destination. “It was the weirdest thing on Monday night: It was decided that it was time to go to Régine’s from Le Baron, and everyone just got up and walked out,” Jessica Stam remembered of the Purple magazine party at Le Baron earlier in the week. It was no casual migration: Purple magazine staffers were even shuttling taxis to make sure there were no clubbing casualties. After the Balenciaga party at Le Baron on Tuesday night, once again, all cars headed to Régine’s. “I’m surprised he didn’t get the doubledecker bus again,” Irina Lazareanu said. Well, the week isn’t over yet.

Photo: Francois Durand/Getty Images



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