August 20 2014

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blasblog from paris: what’s it like to open chanel, you ask?


As a teen model in Missouri, I once did an ad for Circuit City. I cannot express the pride of being the temporary face of discount electronics and the feeling it gave me when that flyer hit my mailbox. Sigh. Outside of Chanel this morning, when I saw Heidi Mount, who had just opened and closed Karl Lagerfeld’s latest wares for the legendary French fashion house, I was reminded of that happy moment of my childhood and began to relate the experience to her. Turns out there was one big difference between my modeling and hers: Whereas I had the time to savor that moment, Mount frantically raced out of Chanel (with some freebies Karl personally gave her, natch) and was searching for her car to run to a fitting before getting into her first Valentino look. “Yeah, I’m happy about it and it’s thrilling,” she paused to say. “But everything is so fast this week, and so crazed, you don’t really realize what’s happened or going on till it’s over.” And oh, there was another difference: Doing a Chanel show isn’t at all embarrassing; posing for a Circuit City ad totally is.

Photo: Derek Blasberg

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