August 28 2014

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custo goes to church


Are ancient landmarks the new runways? Last fall Fendi took its mini-collection to the top of the Great Wall of China, and last week, Custo Dalmau restaged his Custo Barcelona Spring 2009 show in a thirteenth-century cathedral in his hometown of Lleida, Spain. Over a thousand people lined the lofty arched corridors surrounding the building’s central courtyard, where a hot pink runway and vivid purple lighting washed the soaring columns in a shock of modern color—and provided an apt setting for Custo’s eye-popping signature prints and colors. Just as in the tents, no fashion show would be complete without its share of flashbulb magnets, in this case a bevy of Spanish soap opera stars and screen sirens. Even Lleida’s jovial mayor was shaking hands and taking in the spectacle (and of course the high-energy after-party, that went strong well past 5 a.m.). The designer celebrating almost 30 years in business, and the opportunity to show in such a dramatic and meaningful place was one he couldn’t turn down. “We took several months preparing for this small gathering, but I’m very happy—I love the idea of doing these impossible marriages,” he said just before the show began. “I just hope that, in such an incredible space, people will pay attention to the clothes!”


Photo: Kat Thomsen


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