August 28 2014

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got the credit crunch woes? check out some feel-good art


Against the odds, Matthew Stone has gathered 17 artists at London’s Hannah Barry Gallery for a show titled “Optimism: The Art of Our Time,” and an accompanying catalog. Working mainly in stone, metal, concrete, wood, glass, and gold, these artists create art that’s built to last through the credit crunch. “Through an unequivocally sincere take on the theme, the show takes a determined stand against cynicism and apathy,” says Stone, who’s best known for his sprawling, vibrant salons, collaborative exhibitions, and stints DJing for his mate Gareth Pugh‘s runway shows. He also maintains two Web sites, ( and to help those home alone to catch the spirit of collectivity—and maybe transmit a little e-goodwill.

Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Stone

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