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just what you needed: a good excuse to shop


The power of naming is a wonderful thing. Call our current economic crisis a recession, and the stores are empty; call a spending spree a charity shopping weekend and, voilà—charge it, please. That’s what Saks Fifth Avenue and the EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund are hoping for, at least, and judging by the A-listers at the tenth annual Key to the Cure cocktail kick-off party, they’ll be in luck. The shopping starts Thursday the 16th, but since hydration is clutch to any successful store visit, guests like Rachel Roy, Lindsay Lohan, and Stephanie Seymour gathered at the Top of the Rock Tuesday night to start the imbibing process early. 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski seemed right at home in her TV office, but admitted, “I’m always still in awe of this building, and not just its history, but by the people who’ve walked its halls.” (Jane, your show’s a hit. Relax.) Blythe Danner played the modesty card, too. “I don’t know that I’m in demand,” she demurred, when asked about her burgeoning career. “I’ve really been taking a backseat and turning things down because I wanted to be around my grandchildren.” Well, that’s not what IMDB says. Danner’s explanation for her influx of projects was just as modest, if not terribly reassuring: “With the economy the way it is, I have to get busy.” And here we’d almost forgotten about the recession.

Photo: Chance Yeh/Patrick McMullan



  1. suszie says:

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