August 27 2014

styledotcom How much is Kendall Jenner going to be everywhere this season?

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must or bust: impossible footwear


What: Antonio Berardi‘s heel-less boots

Why: Gravity defiance and over-the-knee PVC make it hard to look away.

Who: Victoria Beckham, fashion’s resident wallflower and paparazzi shunner. We joke, we joke.

The verdict: Are Posh’s boots avant-garde, or so painfully weird-looking that you’d like to offer the poor girl a chair?

You decide. Comments welcome.

Photo: Brian Ach/WireImage



  1. angelajoyd says:

    i love them, whats cooler than walking on air?

  2. lelaelena says:

    fabulous, beyond fabulous

    i vote we never make shoes with heels anymore
    can you think of anything better to train a girl to straighten out her posture than having to walk in those things?

  3. leira07 says:

    and she has the perfect walking armrest escorting her.. but honestly she does look rather fabulous – in a tacky-yet-restrained way that only she can

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