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open your mind to closed denim


Every second press release we get these days seems to be about a vintage denim label that’s being reinvigorated by some bright young designer. But when we heard about Closed, a German brand that was originally made for postal workers in Europe and has now garnered support from Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, and Penélope Cruz, we were intrigued. The brand’s best seller is called the Pedal Pusher, but it’s also known for its offspring lifestyle collections, which range from yoga gear to bicycles. The latest addition to its hit list is a heritage collection spearheaded by former Jil Sander protégée Sophia Lewis, who has reinterpreted archive classics from the seventies such as washable silk T-shirts, skirts, dresses, and high-waist trousers with drawstring detailing in green, purple, blue, and beige. For more information, see

Photo: Courtesy of Closed Denim

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