August 28 2014

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paris fashion week: binns (not) there


Tom Binns’ presence in Paris this week is sorely missed (we hear he’s not a fan of flying and has opted to send in his troops for private showings while he stays in Los Angeles, going over plans for an upcoming store on the East Coast). But Binns’ no-show status doesn’t mean his ears won’t be burning—there’s plenty in his new collection for fashionistas to chatter about. We like the Anti-Luxe group, which uses word play to cheeky effect. Why use an emerald or a diamond when you can just engrave the word on a pendant? And the Masai-inspired Future Fantastic designs, which represent Binns’ vision of aliens landing in Africa, will be scene-stealers in vitrines around the world.

Photo: Djenko Ivanisevic

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